The 2000 Rebuild

The bigger of the two major rebuilds took place in 2000.  Several years of unsuccessful trialling with the 2-litre Triumph "Six" upfront culminated in a poor showing in the Lands End Trial that year when a rear axle rebuild loomed.  Rather than just rebuild as was, I decided on more radical surgery.  I had a reasonable Rover V8 and gearbox from my old P6, and cast around for a viable (ideally bombproof) rear axle.  In the end, I settled on the Toyota Hilux axle and its sixteen-inch wheels as a basis for what still wouldn't be an out-and-out trials special, but would have more of the style and feel of one of the big V8 trials cars of the post-war era - rather like an Allard.  Click any of the thumbnail pictures to see a bigger version

With Alan Jones' help, we cut off the back of the car behind the seats.  All the bodywork and the rear chassis went
Here, new metalwork has been put in, spring hangers attached and the axle is just being fitted.  Alan did most of the welding - didn't think mine was safe enough!
The picture shows the rather drastic extent of the excision, with the new rear axle wheeled into place just before welding began.
We used Hilux front springs rather than rears - they're a bit shorter and less bulky than the rears.  Bump stops were Land Rover.
The metalwork finished and ready for recladding.  Before this, a Land Rover under-seat tank went in Over the axle.
The V8 was a tight fit - various rather basic boxes were made up to clear protrusions.  Post-photo 4-barrel Weber fitment has helped at the carb end of things.
The end result.  Ground clearance is lot greater, even if the rear suspension is a bit harsh with the Hilux springs.
The end result was described by one trial observer as a "Burlington on steroids - not sure whether this was a compliment or insult...