Pictures from Bluehills - 2004 Land's End

These shots were taken by Derek Hibbert on the final two sections of the Land's End Trial, Easter 2004.  My daughter Caroline navigating.  For the record, we failed the very muddy restart on Bluehills 1, but cleared Bluehills 2 without trouble.   

The Trial followed a wet week, and we had overnight rain and thick fog  en route.  The sections were very muddy and slick in places, notably Crackington, where (possibly apocryphal) rumour had it the locals had been pouring water down from a hose the previous day...

By Bluehills, the sun was out and an excellent afternoon's sport ensued for a fairly large crowd.

Just exiting the restart on Bluehills 1, having had to drop back for a run at it (i.e. failed!).


This and the next three shots were taken on the run out to the end of Bluehills 1




Entering the tight left turn at the top of Bluehills 2, just before the restart.  The slope here is somewhere around 1:2.5.


Taken immediately after making the restart (two wheels have to be in the "R" box when one makes the stop and restart on Marshal's flag dropping.


Clearing out of the top of the section - the end!